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What is EzBiz?

  • EzBiz is an online business registration provided by SSM to allow user to do new registration, to register changes, to renewal and to terminate business registration.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by accessing

How to use EzBiz?

  • Owner must be Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia.
  • Owner must be aged between 18 years and above.
  • All business owner / partners must register and verified as user of Ezbiz Online. ​(Please refer to Guideline ​for Reg​ister Ezbiz User Account​​

What are the services offered ?

  1. New business registration:-
    • Personal Name
    • ​Trade Name
  1. ​Change of business particulars:-
    • ​​​Principal business address/mailing address
    • Type of business
    • Particulars on branches
    • Changes of information of owner

​        3.   Business renewal (Renewal period prior or within 12 months after expired date)

        4.   Business termination:- Only for active business.

        5.   Compound Services:-

    • ​​To view outstanding compound
    • To make an online compound payment

How much is the fees?

  • New business registration:
    • ​​​Personal Name = RM30.00 per year
    • Trade Name = RM60.00 per year
  • Change of business particulars = RM20.00
  • ​Branch(s) = RM5 per year for each branch
  • ​Business termination = No fee is required
  • Business renewal
    • Personal Name = RM30.00 per year
    • Trade Name = RM60.00 per year
    • Branch(s) = RM5.00 per year for each branch
  • Business information = RM10.00

What is the mode of payment ?

Credit card and FPX (Financial Process Exchange - Online banking)

User Guidelines


Client Charter Ezbiz Online

  • Within 1 working day (24 hours) after application is received

For further information, please contact SSM Contact Centre at 03-7721 4000 or email at

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