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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Companies A​ct 1965 (Repealed)​

Note: Companies Act 1965 (Revised – 1973)

No.Companies ActFormat
1.Act A1299 Comp​​anies (Amendment) Act 2007

Practice Note

No.Practice NoteFormat
1.Addendum To Ssm’S Practice Note No 17/2015 : Extension Of​ Time For Queries Raised On Documents Which Are Lodged On Or Before 31 December 2015 PDF
2.Frequently Ask Question On The Implementation Of PN17/2015 – Clarification On Queries Issued On Documents Lodged With The Registrar PAGE
3.SSM’s Practice Note No. 17/2015 : Clarification On Queries Issued On Documents Lodged With The Registrar PDF
4.Practice Note No. 16/2013: Clarification On The Procedures Relating To Lodgement Of Form 24 And Form 49 PDF
5.SSM’s Practice Note No. 14/2012 : Clarification On The Execution Of Form 48A For The Purposes Of E-Lodgement PDF
6.SSM’s Practice Note No. 13/2011 : Circumstances And Procedures For Rectification Of Documents Lodged And Registered With The Companies Commission Of Malaysia

​SSM's Practice Note No. 12/2011 : RE: Compliance Programme To Encourage Timely Submission Of Annual Return And Audited Financial Statement
SSM’s Practice Note No. 11/2011 : Clarification On Whether A Society Can Be A Member Of A Company

​SSM's Practice Note No. 10/2011: Lodgement Of Anuual Return Where Annual General Meeting Cannot Be Convened
10.SSM’s Practice Note No. 7/2010 : Guidelines For Auditors To Inform The Registrar Prior To Cessation Of Office Under Section 172A Of The Companies Act 1965 PDF
11.SSM’s Practice Note No. 8/2010 : Explanation On The Application Of Thresholds Provided For Under Section 132C(1B) Of The Companies Act 1965 PDF
12.SSM’s Practice Note No. 6/2010 : Guidelines For The Application To Strike Off A Company Which Is Being Wound-Up PDF
13.SSM’s Practice Note No. 5/2009 : The Filing Of Objections Pursuant To A Claim Of Amount Due And Owing Against A Company Undergoing A Striking-Off Process PDF
14.SSM’s Practice Note No.  4/2009 : Notification In Relation To The Identification Of The Chargees For The Execution Of Form 42B For The Discharge Of Charge Under The Companies Act 1965
15.SSM’s Practice Note No. 3/2009 : Confirmation On The Latest Shareholding Structure/Composition Of A Company Issued By A Company Secretary
16.SSM’s Practice Note No. 2/2008: Change Of Financial Year FAQs
17.SSM’s Practice Note No. 2/2008 : Change Of Financial Year

​SSM's Practice Note No. 1/2008 : Requirements Relating To The Lodgemnet Of Annual Return Of Companies 


1.Procedure For Lodgement Of Form 4​9 In Relation To The Appointment And Dismissal Of A Director, Manager And Company Secretary PDF
2.Payment Of Fees To The Companies Commission Of Malaysia PDF
3.Payment Of Fees To The Companies Commission Of Malaysia (Supplement) PDF 
4.Guidelines For Use Of A Company Number Under Sections 121 And 338, Companies Act (Amendment) 1996
5.Operation Hours Of The Companies Commission Of Malaysia PDF 
6.Application For Approval Of Business Name PDF 
7.Implementation Of SSM Continuing Professional Education CPE Points Scheme And New Conditions For Licensed Company Secretaries PDF
8.Power Of Registrar To Strike Off A Business Entity For A Particular Reason PDF

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