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​​​​​​​Corpo​rate and Business Infor​mation Data (CBID)

The Solution To Your Business Decision

Customisable data for both companies and businesses that you can customise at affordable prices!! Data includes list of companies or statistical data.

Why Do You Need It?

  • For business growth information in a respective location.
  • For marketing purposes or networking collaboration.
  • For exclusive research and analysis.
  • For business expansion analysis either through joint venture or alliances.​

How to Apply?

Please go to e-CBID​ to access CBID Product.


  • Processing Data / Statistics Fee (Companies) - RM20/Application
  • Companies Data Fee by Package - RM3/package per company
  • List of Company – RM10/Company
  • Companies Statistics Fee - RM100/statistic
  • Processing Data / Statistics (Businesses)  – RM10/Application
  • Businesses Data Fee - RM10/Business
  • Businesses Statistics Fee – RM20/Statistic​




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