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​Working Group A​ (W G A)

Working Group A on Company’s Formation, Private Companies and Alternative Forms of Business Vehicles :-

  • to review whether the existing legal forms of business vehicles i.e., the partnership and the corporate forms, are able to provide alternative and adequate choice of establishing legal forms of business entities and to make recommendations on the new forms of business vehicles, if any; and
  • to review current law, practice and procedure for formation and incorporation of company and simplification of the compliance requirements to ease the administrative burdens imposed upon private companies e.g., the elimination of the requirement of audit and company secretary, holding of Annual General Meeting to present accounts before members and the possibility of having simplified accounts, the relevance of the ultra vires doctrine, company’s capacity, the reporting obligations and reporting standards and the impact of ICT on company’s formation and reporting obligations.

Group Members

Charon Wardini Mokhzani
Chairman, Deputy Chief Executive, Commerce International Merchant Bankers Berhad

Y Bhg Datuk Dr. Abdul Samad Alias
Commission Member, Companies Commission of Malaysia

Cheong Kee Fong
Advocate and Solicitor

Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil (w.e.f. 1 Sept 2005)
Chief Executive Officer, Companies Commission of Malaysia

Abdul Alim Abdullah (17 Dec 2003 – 31 Aug 2005)
Former Chief Executive Officer, Companies Commission of Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Khaw Lake Tee
Universiti Malaya

Eric Kang Shew Meng
Company Secretarial Practitioner

Dr. Nordin Mohd Zain
Technical Director of MASB​

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