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Public Consultation of Subsidiary Legislations (Companies Act 2016 [Act 777])

NoCompanies Act 2016 [Act 777]Format
1.Revised Draft Companies Regulations 2017 (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF
2.Draft Guidelines on Company Name (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF
3.Draft Guidelines on CLBG (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF
4.Draft Practice Directive (Audit Exemption) 2017 (Closed on 28 February 2017)PDF
4.AFeedback on the Draft Practice Directives (Audit Exemption) 2017 (updated as at 28 February 2017)
5.Draft Consultation Document On The Proposed Best Business Practice Circular On Business Review Report: Guidance To Disclosure And Reporting (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF
6.Draft Striking Off Guidelines (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF
7.Draft Liquidator’s Qualification (Closed on 30 November 2016)PDF

SSM invites members of the public to comment on the Draft Practice Directive (Audit Exemption) 2017 by 28 February 2017 to​

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