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​​Registration Services Division

This division is responsible for establishing a structured and effective companies and businesses registration process in addition to handling registration matters, in line with the provisions of the Acts and guidelines it administrates. Concurrently, this division also plays a role in ensuring that the updating of corporate information is done accurately and according to the prescribed Client Service Charter.

Company Registration Section

  • Name Search Companies
  • Incorporation of Companies
  • General Documents
  • Registration and satisfaction of Charges

Business Registration Section

  • Registration of New Business
    1. Registration of Sole proprietorship or Partnership
    2. Registration using personal name as stated in identity card or using trade name
  • Registration for changes in business particular.
    • Registration for changes of business address, business types, changes of particulars on branches and changes of information of owner or partner.
  • Renewal of business registration
  • Registration on termination of business

Interest Schemes Section

  • Ensures that the holders of interest schemes obtain their user rights as promised in the trust deeds.
  • Ensures that the operators of interest schemes comply with the provisions of Division 5 of Part IV of the Companies Act 1965 and the Policy Guidelines and Requirements for Interest Schemes.
  • Ensures that the trustees carry out their responsibilities in protecting the interest of the interest scheme holders.
  • Ensures that the interest scheme industry is able to self-regulate, establish the best practices and produce an ethical industry.

Corporate Administration Section

Coordinates and monitors applications for the incorporation of Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLBG) under the Companies Act 2016 by getting the approval of the Registrar/Minister.
  • Incorporation of companies under section 45(3) of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Ownership and disposal of land under section 45(4) of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Discontinuation of the use of the word ‘Berhad’ under section 45 of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Appointment of directors/trustees under section 45 of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Alteration of companies Constitution under section 45 of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Collection of donations under section 45 of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Other applications under section 45 of the Companies Act 2016.
  • Implementation of policies and guidelines.
Coordination of corporate applications
  • To process the application for extension of time under sections 259(2) and 340(1) of the Companies Act 2016.
  • To process the application for RELIEF/ WAIVER/ APPROVAL under sections 247(3), 255(1) and 575(7) of the Companies Act 2016.
  • To handle the prospectus that is lodged under section 154 and 155 of the Companies Act 2016 regarding the publishing and offer of securities/shares.
  • To handle the quarterly reports and financial reports under section 182 of the Companies Act 2016.
Registration under the Trust Companies Act 1949 To coordinate the registration of trust companies.
  • To process applications to register trust companies
  • To coordinate the registration of trust companies.
  • To coordinate interviews for the appointment of directors/Chief Executive Officers of trust companies.
  • To prepare interview reports for the approval of directors and Chief Executive Officers.

Insolvency Section

  • Handles matters relating to the winding-up of companies and strike off of company names of the registrar and asset management of defunct companies.
  • To keep records of companies those are in the process of winding up, either by a court order or voluntary.
  • To regulate the compliance of Companies Act 1965 relating to winding up of companies and dissolution of companies.
  • Strike off company name pursuant to Section 308 Companies Act 1965.
    1. The Registrar has powers to strike off companies if he has reasonable cause to believe that a company is not carrying on business or is not in operation.
    2. To process applications to strike off company names off the register.
  • Asset Management.
    • To register and record the list of assets vested in the Registrar of Companies under section 310 of the Companies Act 1965.

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