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​ ​​According to section 263(4) of the Companies Act 2016, every approval including a renewal approval of a company auditor shall be in force or valid for a period of two years after the date of issue unless sooner revoke by the Minister charged with the responsivity for finance. 

The auditors are required to make an application to the Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia (JANM) for the renewal through BLESS System. Please visit Accountant General of Malaysia Official Portal at for further information. 

Delay in applying for the renewal within the prescribed time will result in your approval not to continue a day after the expiry date of the approval. Approval that has been expired for more than one year is not eligible to be renewed and the auditor needs to make a new application and go through the interview process if he desires to continue his practice. 

SSM and other agencies including MIA, BNM and SC will be involved in making an assessment to the application in which SSM will conduct a due-diligence checking to the auditors prior to the renewal of license.

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