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​​I​nformation and Communication Technology Division

This division is responsible for development, administration and managing the software applications and systems, the server room as well as the networks used by SSM. This division is divided into the following four (4) main sections:

Operations Section

  • Manages database administration.
  • Manages the Disaster Recovery Centre facility.
  • Supports system administration.
  • Maintains the security of operations and support facilities.
  • Ensures that computer hardware/equipment is in good working order and well-maintained.
  • Manages facilities in the server room such as air-conditioning, access cards, UPS, fire-prevention systems and the surrounding areas.
  • Provides level two user support.
  • Monitors the daily networking infrastructure operations.
  • Manages communication which includes data and voice components.
  • Manages OA system includes email, files sharing and office collaboration.
  • Manages the firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
  • Ensures security for telecommunication and the network infrastructure.
  • Manages desktop service fulfilment including installation and configuration.
  • Support state and branch offices server room.
  • Acts as the central point of contact for SSM users for all of ICT services catalogue.
  • A focal point for reporting Incidents (disruptions or potential disruptions in service availability or quality) and for users making Service Requests (routine requests for services).
  • Provides efficient assistance and support in the fastest possible response time for each query.
  • Handles all incoming calls and ensures all unresolved queries by the helpdesk are immediately forwarded to the appropriate parties.
  • Records all details of calls made and provide advice or assistance for reference purpose or statistical use.
  • Gives opinions and responses to SSM on common user problems and subsequently evaluates, if there is a need, for further training, documentation or changes to the existing services.
  • Manage all ICT assets, record the description and location of assets in ICT Asset Register and ensure the assets continue to support the operational needs of SSM.
  • Perform surveys to ascertain overall ICT performance from users.

System Development Section

  • Perform the requirement study for a new system in order to meet SSM’s Operational need.
  • Manages all development, administration, management and maintenance of application works.
  • Carries out all upgrade and repair works for applications.
  • Produces ad-hoc reports from internal and external customers.
  • Provides level two (2) user support.

IT Planning and e-Services Section

  • Assess the needs for development of online system and integration with external organisation.
  • Production of ad-hoc reports for internal and external customers.
  • Develop and maintain SSM Data Warehouse.
  • Develop and maintain SSM portal and intranet.
  • Plan, prepare and monitor ICT budget.
  • Monitor and report the progress of ICT projects implementation.
  • Collect and update work procedure and standard operating procedure for all sections in the division.
  • Work with the Marketing and Business Development Division in developing strategy to use information in the database for product development.

IT Security Section

  • Develop and maintain ICT security policy governing SSM ICT application system, infrastructure, and operation.
  • Enforce ICT security policy on daily operation.
  • Oversee the compliance to the ICT security policy.
  • Promote business continuity, data protection, and risk management.
  • Assist in data breach incidence post event/forensic investigation for audit and investigation purposes.​

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