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Human Capital Division

The Human Capital Division’s responsibility is to build a structural organization (according to current needs) and human capital management in helping SSM to provide the best fit talent in order to create efficient SSM management, operations and services systems. The Division also aims to develop skilled, knowledgeable and noble human capital through programs and activities to produce professional and high moral SSM employees. In addition, this division also provides policy on more attractive and competitive SSM services and benefits / facilities in SSM services.

To achieve this, the Human Capital Division consists of several sections with specific tasks as follows:

  1. Human Capital Planning Section
    This section serves to plan and implement the workforce strategy to meet current and future needs to the organization. Among the tasks and roles of this section are

    • Human Capital Planning
    • Structure Administration
    • Sourcing @ Recruitment
    • Employee Mobility
  2. Human Capital Services and Relationship Section
    This section serves to plan, organize, manage and monitor all activities related to employee services and relationships to meet the needs of SSM’s vision and objectives. Among the tasks and roles of this section are:

    • Employment Services
    • Benefits and Payroll
    • Human Resources Data
    • Employee Activities and Event
  3. Human Capital Development Section​
    This section serves to plan, implement and review performance and development initiatives to equip SSM’s workforce with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies. Among the tasks and roles of this section are:

    • Talent Management
    • Succession Management
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Performance Management
    • Reward Management​
    • SL1M-SSM
    • Scholarship

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