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Vision, Mission and Function


To be the premier business and corporate learning centre.


  • To develop and harness competent, efficient, productive and multi-skilled human resource for SSM through training and development programmes.
  • To instil good corporate governance and promote proper conduct amongst officers of corporations, business owners, industry groups and professional bodies through continuous education.
  • To develop the Academy’s global dimension by conducting and initiating strategic collaborations with relevant institutions of higher learning, professional and international bodies in providing training and education programs to regional and international organisation.


  • To conduct training and education programmes to enhance the competency of SSM’s employees;
  • To develop, organise and conduct training and educational programmes for SSM’s external stakeholders including students of higher institutions and international counterparts/agencies;
  • To conduct research programmes in the development of business and corporate matters;
  • To conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training Needs Identification (TNI) with the aim to develop the appropriate training programmes for internal and external stakeholders;
  • To identify, develop and maintain a pool of trainers and experts on relevant areas in relation to corporate and business matters;
  • To market and promote training programmes;
  • To develop and enhance the resource centre to facilitate the corporate, business and academic communities; and
  • To do all things necessary in promoting business ethics and corporate governance amongst Directors, secretaries, managers and other officers of a corporation; and self-regulation by corporations, companies, businesses, industry groups and professional bodies in the corporate and business sectors.​​

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