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​​​​​​​​​​Corporate Communication & Strategy Division

Corporate Communications and Strategy Division (CCSD) has been established in line with the implementation of SSM's transformation plan. This division plays a role in managing the organizational strategic plan and corporate communication which acts as SSM's focal point in the delivery of services and information to customers. This division is also responsible for coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of projects in line with SSM's objectives, policies and direction. In order to achieve this goal, this Division is divided into several sections with specific tasks as follows:

(1) Corporate Communications Section

Responsible as a catalyst for the organization's corporate image by being an observer, listener and communicator of SSM's corporate information. Role to strengthen SSM's corporate image to the highest level through a strategic and professional communication and public relations approach. Corporate Communications Section is supported by the following Units:

  • Media & Editorial Unit
  • Public Relations Unit
  • Corporate Branding Unit
  • Zakat & Corporate Social Responsibility Unit
(2) Corporate Strategy Section

Responsible for the preparation of corporate strategic plans, monitoring of organizational performance and key performance indicators on a regular basis as well as providing reports to management, Commission Members and Ministries. This section also coordinates matters relating to Parliament matters and provides feedback to Ministries, Agencies on issues involving SSM's policies. The Section also deals with international matters. The Corporate Strategy Section is supported by the following Units:

  • Corporate Policy & International Affairs Unit
  • Strategy & Corporate Performance Monitoring Unit

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