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​​Marketing and Business Development Division

The division’s function is to supply information on companies and businesses quickly and efficiently so as to improve the quality of service delivery that meets customer’s needs. In addition, the division also develops new products and services to increase the sources of revenue for SSM.

Product and Business Development Section.

  • Identifying alternative financial revenue channels.
  • Identifying the needs of customers and predicting customer behaviour through market research.
  • Developing new product concepts with the cooperation of the ICT division.
  • Collaborating with the Public Affairs section to market products and service

Customer Management Section

  • Attending to customer complaints and developing the complaint management system.
  • Establishing customer service policies and procedures for use at the head office and branch/state offices.
  • Conducting and monitoring of the helpdesk/hotline service for the public.
  • Undertaking proactive action to improve the quality of customer service.

Information Services Section

  • Supplying information over the counter or via post.
  • Supplying other value-added information services to the public.
  • Managing and maintaining the facilities for searching documents.
  • Providing product support services to customers.

Document Management Section

This section is responsible for preparing, planning and arranging the management of company and business documents, and also for preparing procedures relating to the security of documents, maintenance of equipment, management of back-up systems and image quality as well as disposal of documents​

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