Corporate Development and Policy

The Division is mainly responsible for:

  • Conducting legal research and reforms to ensure that the laws and regulations administered by SSM remain contemporary;
  • Coordinating and enhancing relations with other government agencies, regulatory authorities, professional bodies and international corporate administrators;
  • Providing statistical analysis or information from SSM’s database to produce quality reporting for the nation’s corporate and business environment; and
  • Undertake strategic planning for SSM through corporate planning initiatives, and project management and monitoring activities.

The Division comprises of the following three sections:

  • Law Reform, Policy & International Affairs Section

conducts structured policy & regulatory research, drafts amendments and reviews legislation administered by SSM; identifies potential areas of existing corporate regulations requiring amendments and undertakes activities in relation to amendments. The section also builds, develops and maintains relationships with professional bodies, co-regulators & other stakeholders, both at the local and international fronts.

  • Statistics, Strategic Research & Reporting Section

compiles and analyses statistics on companies and businesses in the database and economic reports for the purposes of periodic and annual reporting.

  • Corporate Affairs Section

ensures the overall implementation of the Strategic Direction Plan by monitoring and coordinating the status of activities and projects running in SSM. The section also undertakes and manages the annual action and business planning activities; and implements the Knowledge Management and corporate responsibility plans in SSM.