L.N. 282/57

Rule 8. Verification by associates.

(1) The particulars of a business submitted for registration in accordance with these rules shall be verified by every associate of that business who shall sign the declaration endorsed on Forms "A", "B1, B2, B3, B4," and "C" and every such signature shall be attested in the manner specified:

[Am.P.U.(A) 430/1996]

Provided that any associate of that business who is unable to write his signature shall authenticate the declaration by impressing his right thumb print at the end thereof.

(2) In any case in which an associate of a business is by reason of infancy or other incapacity unable to understand the nature of the declaration required by paragraph (1) of this rule, such declaration shall be signed on his behalf by his parent or guardian or by the person responsible in respect of the business.

(3) A person incapacitated by reason of infancy shall on attaining his majority comply with the provisions of paragraph (1) of this rule.

(4) The Registrar may if he has reason to believe that any incapacity has ceased, require an associate of a business to comply with paragraph (1) of this rule.

(5) In any case in which registration of any particular is required after or in consequence of the death of an associate of a business the declaration referred to in paragraph (1) of this rule (modified in any way which may be necessary) may be signed or otherwise authenticated by the personal representative of such deceased person or by such other person as may be approved for that purpose by the Registrar.

[Am. P.U.(A) 141/2002]

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