ACT 125

Section 373. Regulations.
(1) The Minister may make regulations for or with respect to—

    (a) the duties and functions of the Registrar, Regional Registrars, Deputy Registrars, Assistant Registrars and other clerks and servants appointed to assist with the administration of this Act;

    (b) the establishment and functions of Regional Registries;

    (c) the lodging or registration of documents and the time and manner of submission of documents for lodging or registration;

    (d) prescribing forms for the purposes of this Act;

    (e) prescribing fees, not in any case exceeding fifty ringgit, to be paid to the Registrar in respect of matters or things not provided for in the Second Schedule in respect of any document required to be lodged, filed, registered with or issued by the Registrar under this or any other Act or for any act required to be performed by the Registrar or for the inspection of any such document;

    (f) prescribing times for the lodging of any documents with the Registrar; and

    (g) all matters or things which by this Act are required or permitted to be prescribed otherwise than by rules or which are necessary or expedient to be prescribed for giving effect to this Act.