ACT 125
Subdivision (2) - Provisions applicable only to Members' Voluntary Winding up

Section 258. Liquidators.
(1) The company in general meeting shall appoint one or more liquidators for the purpose of winding up the affairs and distributing the assets of the company and may fix the remuneration to be paid to him or them.

(2) On the appointment of a liquidator all the powers of the directors shall cease except so far as the liquidator or the company in general meeting with the consent of the liquidator approves the continuance thereof.

(3) The company may, in general meeting convened by any contributory by special resolution of which special notice has been given to the creditors and the liquidators, remove any liquidator but no such resolution shall be effective to remove a liquidator if the Court on the application of the liquidator or a creditor has ordered that the liquidator be not removed.

(4) If a vacancy occurs by death, resignation, removal or otherwise in the office of a liquidator, the company in general meeting may fill the vacancy by the appointment of a liquidator and fix the remuneration to be paid to him, and for that purpose a general meeting may be convened by any contributory, or if there were more liquidators than one by the continuing liquidators.

(5) The meeting shall be held in manner provided by this Act or by the articles or in such manner as is on application by any contributory or by the continuing liquidators determined by the Court.