ACT 125
Subdivision (1) - Introductory

Section 255. Provisional liquidators.
(1) Where the directors of a company have made a statutory declaration in the prescribed form which has been lodged with the Registrar and with the Official Receiver—

    (a) that the company cannot by reason of its liabilities continue its business; and

    (b) that meetings of the company and of its creditors have been summoned for a date within one month of the date of the declaration,

the directors shall forthwith appoint an approved liquidator to be the provisional liquidator.

(2) A provisional liquidator shall have and may exercise all the functions and powers of a liquidator in a creditors' winding up subject to such limitations and restrictions as may be prescribed by the rules.

(3) The appointment of a provisional liquidator under this section shall continue for one month from the date of his appointment or for such further period as the Official Receiver may allow in any particular case or until the appointment of a liquidator (whichever first occurs).

(4) Notice of the appointment of a provisional liquidator under this section together with a copy of the declaration lodged with the Registrar shall be advertised within fourteen days of the appointment of the provisional liquidator in some newspaper circulating generally throughout Malaysia.

(5) A provisional liquidator shall be entitled to receive such salary or remuneration by way of percentage or otherwise as is prescribed.

Date of commencement of winding up

(6) A voluntary winding up shall commence—

    (a) where a provisional liquidator has been appointed before the resolution for voluntary winding up was passed, at the time when the declaration referred to in subsection (1) was lodged with the Registrar; and

    (b) in any other case, at the time of the passing of the resolution for voluntary winding up.