ACT 125
Subdivision (4) - General Powers of Court

Section 249. Power to summon persons connected with company.
(1) The Court may summon before it any officer of the company or person known or suspected to have in his possession any property of the company or supposed to be indebted to the company, or any person whom the Court deems capable of giving information concerning the promotion, formation, trade dealings, affairs or property of the company.

(2) The Court may examine him on oath concerning the matters mentioned in subsection (1) either by word of mouth or on written interrogatories and may reduce his answers to writing and require him to sign them, and any writing so signed may be used in evidence in any legal proceedings against him.

(3) The Court may require him to produce any books and papers in his custody or power relating to the company, but where he claims any lien on books or papers the production shall be without prejudice to that lien, and the Court shall have jurisdiction to determine all question relating to that lien.

(4) An examination under this section or section 250 may, if the Court so directs and subject to the rules, be held before any Sessions Court Judge named for the purpose by the Court, and the powers of the Court under this section and section 250 may be exercised by such Sessions Court Judge.

(5) If any person so summoned after being tendered a reasonable sum for his expenses refuses to come before the Court at the time appointed not having a lawful excuse, made known to the Court at the time of its sitting and allowed by it, the Court may cause him to be apprehended and brought before the Court for examination.