ACT 125

Section 194. Interpretation.
In this Part, unless the contrary intention appears—

"affairs", in relation to a company, includes—

    (a) the promotion, formation, membership, control, trading, dealings, business and property of the company;

    (b) the ownership of shares in, debentures of and interests issued by, the company;

    (c) the ascertainment of the persons who are or have been financially interested in the success or failure or apparent success or failure of the company or are or have been able to control or materially to influence the policy of the company; and

    (d) the circumstances under which a person acquired or disposed of or become entitled to acquire or dispose of shares in, debentures of or interests issued by the company;

"company" includes a foreign company which is a declared company;

"declared company" means a company or foreign company which the Minister has by order declared to be a company to which this Part applies;

"officer or agent" in relation to a corporation, includes—

    (a) a director, banker, advocate or auditor of the corporation;

    (b) a person who at any time—

      (i) has been a person referred to in paragraph (a); or

      (ii) has been otherwise employed or appointed by the corporation;

    (c) a person who—

      (i) has in his possession any property of the corporation;

      (ii) is indebted to the corporation; or

      (iii) is capable of giving information concerning the promotion, formation, trading, dealings, affairs or property of the corporation; and

    (d) where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting or believing that a person is a person referred to in paragraph (c)—that person.