ACT 125

Section 104. Registration of transfer at request of transferor.
(1) On the request in writing of the transferor of any share, debenture or other interest in a company, the company shall enter in the appropriate register the name of the transferee in the same manner and subject to the same conditions as if the application for the entry were made by the transferee.

(2) On the request in writing of the transferor of a share or debenture the company shall by notice in writing require the person having the possession, custody or control of the share certificate or debenture and the instrument of transfer thereof or either of them to bring the same into the office of the company within a stated period, being not less than seven and not more than twenty-eight days after the date of the notice, to have the share certificate or debenture cancelled or rectified and the transfer registered or otherwise dealt with.

(3) If any person refuses or neglects to comply with a notice given under subsection (2), the transferor may apply to a judge to issue a summons for that person to appear before the Court and show cause why the documents mentioned in the notice should not be delivered up or produced as required by the notice.

(4) Upon appearance of a person so summoned, the Court may examine him upon oath and receive other evidence, or if he does not appear after being duly served with the summons, the Court may receive evidence in his absence and in either case the Court may order him to deliver up the documents to the company upon such terms or conditions as to the Court seem fit, and the costs of the summons and proceedings thereon shall be in the discretion of the Court.

(5) Lists of share certificates or debentures called in under this section and not brought in shall be exhibited in the office of the company and shall be advertised in such newspapers and at such times at the company thinks fit.