ACT 125

Section 103. Instrument of transfer.
(1) Notwithstanding anything in its articles, a company shall not register a transfer of shares or debentures unless a proper instrument of transfer in the prescribed form has been delivered to the company, but this subsection shall not prejudice any power to register as a shareholder or debenture holder any person to whom the right to any shares in or debentures of the company has been transmitted by operation of law.

(1A) Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the validity of any instrument which would be effective to transfer shares or debentures apart from this section; and any instrument purporting to be made in any form which was common or usual in use, or in any other form authorized or required for that purpose apart from this section before the commencement of this Act, shall be sufficient, whether or not it is completed in accordance with the prescribed form, if it complies with the requirements as to execution and contents which apply to a transfer:

Provided that a company shall be precluded from registering a transfer of shares or debentures, the title of which is evidenced by a certificate that is issued on or after the date of coming into operation of this subsection unless a proper instrument of transfer in the prescribed form has been delivered to the company.

Transfer by personal representatives

(2) A transfer of the share, debenture or other interest of a deceased person made by his personal representative shall, although the personal representative is not himself a member of the company, be as valid as if he had been such a member at the time of the execution of the instrument of transfer.

(3) The production to a company of any document which is by law sufficient evidence of probate of the will, or letters of administration of the estate, of a deceased person having been granted to some person shall be accepted by the company, notwithstanding anything in its articles, as sufficient evidence of the grant.

(4) In this section "instrument of transfer" includes a written application for transmission of a share debenture or other interest to a personal representative.