ACT 125

Section 70. Register of debenture holders and copies of trust deed.
(1) Every company which issues debentures (not being debentures transferable by delivery) shall keep a register of holders of the debentures at the registered office of the company or at some other place in Malaysia.

(2) Every company shall within seven days after the register is first kept at a place other than the registered office lodge with the Registrar notice of the place where the register is kept and shall within seven days after any change in the place at which the register is kept lodge with the Registrar notice of the change.

(3) The register shall except when duly closed be open to the ins pection of the registered holder of any debentures and of any holder of shares in the company and shall contain particulars of the names and addresses of the debenture holders and the amount of debentures held by them.

(4) For the purposes of this section a register shall be deemed to be duly closed if closed in accordance with provisions contained in the articles or in the debentures or debenture stock certificates, or in the trust deed or other document relating to or securing the debentures, during such periods (not exceeding in the aggregate thirty days in any calendar year) as is therein specified.

(5) Every registered holder of debentures and every holder of shares in a company shall at his request be supplied by the company with a copy of the register of the holders of debentures of the company or any part thereof on payment of one dollar for every hundred words or part thereof required to be copied but the copy need not include any particulars as to any debenture holder other than his name and address and the debentures held by him.

(6) A copy of any trust deed relating to or securing any issue of debentures shall be forwarded by the company to a holder of those debentures at his request on payment of the sum of three ringgit or such less sum as is fixed by the company, or where the copy has to be specially made to meet the request on payment of one ringgit for every hundred words or part thereof required to be copied.

(7) If inspection is refused, or a copy is refused or not forwarded within a reasonable time (but not more than one month) after a request has been made pursuant to this section, the company and every officer of the company who is in default shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

(8) A company which issues debentures may cause to be kept in any place outside Malaysia a branch register of debenture holders which shall be deemed to be part of the company's register of debenture holders and Division 4 of Part V shall with such adaptations as are necessary apply to and in relation to the keeping of a branch register of debenture holders.

Penalty: One thousand ringgit. Default penalty.