ACT 125

Section 19. Powers of a company.
(1) Subject to subsection (2) the powers of a company, whether incorporated before or after the commencement of this Act, shall include—

    (a) power to make donations for patriotic or for charitable purposes;

    (b) power to transact any lawful business in aid of Malaysia in the prosecution of any war or hostilities in which Malaysia is engaged; and

    (c) unless expressly excluded or modified by the memorandum or articles, the powers set forth in the Third Schedule but the powers of a company which has by the licence of the Minister pursuant to section 24 been registered without the word "Berhad" or pursuant to any corresponding previous written law been registered without the addition of the word "Limited" to its name shall not include any of the powers set forth in the Third Schedule unless expressly included in the memorandum or articles with the approval in writing of the Minister.
Restriction as to power of certain companies to hold lands

(2) A company formed for the purpose of providing recreation or amusement or promoting commerce, industry, art, science, religion, or any other like object not involving the acquisition of gain by the company or by its individual members shall not acquire any land without the licence of the Minister but the Minister may by licence empower any such company to hold lands in such quantity and subject to such conditions as he thinks fit.

(3) A licence given by the Minister under subsection (2) shall be in the prescribed form or as near thereto as circumstances admit.

(4) Any company which is dissatisfied with any decision of the Minister under subsection (2) may within one month of such decision appeal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong who shall have power to confirm, reverse or vary the decision.

(5) Every decision by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and every decision by the Minister under this section, unless such decision is reversed or varied by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong under this section, shall be final and shall not be called into question by any court.