ACT 125

Section 3. Repeals.
(1) The written laws mentioned in the First Schedule to the extent to which they are therein expressed to be repealed or amended are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

Transitory provisions

(2) Unless the contrary intention appears in this Act—

    (a) all persons, things and circumstances appointed or created by or under any of the repealed or amended written laws or existing or continuing under any of such written laws immediately before the commencement of this Act shall under and subject to this Act continue to have the same status operation and effect as they respectively would have had if those written laws had not been so repealed or amended; and

    (b) in particular and without affecting the generality of the foregoing paragraph, such repeal shall not disturb the continuity of status, operation or effect of any Order in Council, order, rule, regulation, scale of fees, appointment, conveyance, mortgage, deed, agreement, resolution, direction, instrument, document, memorandum, articles, incorporation, nomination, affidavit, call, forfeiture, minute, assignment, register, registration, transfer, list, licence, certificate, security, notice, compromise, arrangement, right, priority, liability, duty, obligation, proceeding, matter or thing made, done, effected, given, issued, passed, taken, validated, entered into, executed, lodged, accrued, incurred, existing, pending or acquired by or under any of such written laws before the commencement of this Act.

(3) Nothing in this Act shall affect the Table in any repealed written law corresponding to Table A of the Fourth Schedule or any part thereof (either as originally enacted or as altered in pursuance of any statutory power) or the corresponding Table in any former written law relating to companies (either as originally enacted or as so altered) so far as the same applies to any company existing at the commencement of this Act.

(4) The provisions of this Act with respect to winding up other than Subdivision (5) of Division 4 of Part X shall not apply to any company or society of which the winding up has commenced before the commencement of this Act, but every such company or society shall be wound up in the same manner and with the same incidents as if this Act had not been passed and for the purposes of the winding up the written laws under which the winding up commenced shall be deemed to remain in full force.

(5) Paragraphs 9(1)(c) and (d) shall not apply to any person in relation to a private company until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting held after the commencement of this Act if he was appointed as auditor of that company before the commencement of this Act.