ACT 614


Section 2. Interpretation.

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

"this Act" includes any subsidiary legislation made under this Act;

"member" means a member of the Commission and includes the Chairman;

"rights" means all rights, powers, privileges and immunities, whether actual, contingent or prospective;

"property" includes all property, movable and immovable, and all estates, interests, easements or rights, whether equitable or legal in, to or out of property, choses-in-action, money and goodwill;

"committee" means any committee established by the Commission under section 19;

"Chief Executive Officer" means the Chief Executive Officer appointed under section 11;

"Fund" means the Fund established under section 28;

"liabilities" means liabilities, debts, charges, duties and obligations of every description whether present or future, actual or contingent, and whether payable or to be observed or performed in Malaysia or elsewhere;

"Minister" means the Minister for the time being charged with the responsibility for the registration of companies, trust companies and businesses;

"Registrar of Businesses" means the Registrar of Businesses under the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 [Act 197];

"Registrar of Companies" means the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act 1965 [Act 125];

"Chairman" means the Chairman appointed under section 6;

"corporation" has the meaning assigned to it in the Companies Act 1965;

"business" has the meaning assigned to it in the Registration of Businesses Act 1956;

"Commission" means the Companies Commission of Malaysia established under section 3;

"company" has the meaning assigned to it in the Companies Act 1965;

"vesting date" means the date on which property, rights and liabilities specified by the Minister in the order under subsection 4(1) , to which the Government of Malaysia, the Registrar of Companies and the Registrar of Businesses were entitled or subject to, are transferred to and vested in the Commission;

"appointed date" means the date on which this Act comes into force;

"vested", in relation to property, includes having rights to property which are future or contingent and rights in reversion and remainder.

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