ACT 197


Section 9. Inspection.

(1) [Deleted - Act A1119:s.8]

(2) The Registrar or an inspector shall for the purposes of ascertaining whether the provisions of this Act or of any rules made thereunder are being complied with have power at all reasonably times to enter into any premises at which he has reason to believe any business is being carried on and there to make such examination and enquiry as may be necessary for such purposes.

(3) The Registrar or an inspector when exercising any powers under this Act shall declare his office and shall produce his authority in writing to any person affected by the exercise of such powers.

(4) It shall not be an offence for any person to refuse to comply with any request made by the Registrar or an inspector, or to resist or obstruct the Registrar or an inspector in the performance of any of his duties under this Act, if the Registrar or an inspector fails to declare his office and to produce his authority in writing.

[Am. Act A1119:s.8]

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