ACT 197


Section 6. Effect of registration.

(1) Save as hereinafter expressly provided, when and so long as any person is recorded in any register as an associate of a business, it shall be evidence against him or any person claiming through or under him that he was such an associate unless it is proved that such person was not at any material time such an associate and that he was recorded as such in such register through a bona fide mistake, or without his knowledge and in fraud of him.

(2) On the death of any person who, at the time of death, was recorded in a register as an associate of a business, the executors or administrators of such person and any person accountable for estate duty payable on the death of such person shall, for the purpose of any written law relating to estate duty, be prevented and estopped from denying that such deceased person was an associate of such business or that any other particular registered in respect of such business is true, unless such executors, administrators or person accountable shall first have obtained, in proceedings instituted by way of petition in the High Court to which the Collector is joined as a party, a declaration (which the High Court is hereby empowered to make) declaring that such registration was effected through a
bona fide mistake, or without the knowledge of such deceased person and in fraud of him, and declaring the facts and circumstances regarding the association or non-association of such deceased person with such business.

(3) The Collector may, for the purpose of computing or of collecting estate duty, at his discretion, either accept any registered particulars as being correct or seek to establish any fact inconsistent with any such particulars:

Provided that the Collector shall not be permitted to establish any fact contrary to any such declaration by the High Court as aforesaid.

(4) A certificate of registration or a certified copy of any entry in the register in respect of any business shall be prima facie evidence of the truth of the facts stated therein; but, subject to the provisions of this Act, the admission of such evidence shall not prevent any party to a proceeding from proving, that some person who is not registered as such is nevertheless an associate of a business.
[P.U.(A) 117/2003]

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