ACT 197


Section 5. Registration

(1) The person responsible for a business shall, not later than thirty days from the date of the commencement of the business, apply to the Registrar for the registration of the business.

(2) An application under subsection (1) shall be made in the prescribed form and shall state—

(3) Upon receipt of an application together with the information required under subsection (1) and upon payment of the prescribed fee, the Registrar shall register the business for a period which shall not exceed five years and issue a certificate of registration for the business in accordance with the other provisions of this Act and the rules made under this Act.

(4) The Registrar shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, issue a certificate of registration for each branch of the business so registered.

(5) The certificate of registration issued for any branch shall be valid for a period concurrent with the period of registration of the principal business or for any remaining period of such registration.

(6) Unless renewed by the Registrar, the registration of a business shall expire on the date stated in the certificate of registration or upon the termination of the business.

(7) For the purpose of this section, rules made under this Act may provide for the exemption from registration or for registration in a special form or manner of any associate of a business who has not attained such age as may be prescribed.

(8) The registration of a business under this Act shall not be deemed to imply that the requirements of any law in relation to such business or to persons carrying on such business or employed in such business have been complied with.

[Subs. Act A1119: s.6]

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