ACT 197


Section 2. Interpretation.

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires -

"appointed date" has the same meaning assigned to that expression in the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001 [Act 614];

[Ins. Act A1119:s.2]

"associate of a business" includes -

"business" includes every form of trade, commerce, craftsmanship, calling, profession., or other activity carried on for the purposes of gain, but does not include any office or employment or any charitable undertaking or any occupation specified in the Schedule;

"certificate of registration" means a certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of section 5;

[Am Act A1119:s.2]

"Collector" means the Collector of Estate Duty appointed under the Estate Duty Enactment 1941[F.M.S. 7 of 1941];

"Commission" means the Companies Commission of Malaysia established by the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001;
[Ins Act A1119:s.2]

"inspector" means a person appointed in writing by the Registrar to be an inspector for the purposes of this Act;

"Minister" means the Minister charged with the responsibility for the registration of businesses;

[Ins Act A1119:s.2]

"person responsible" includes every director, manager, partner, officer, agent or servant at any time charged either solely or to a substantial extent with the management of a business;

"register" means any register kept under or by virtue of this Act or of any rules made thereunder;

"Registrar" means the Registrar of Businesses as designated in section 3 and, subject to section 3(4), includes a Deputy Registrar and Assistant Registrar;.

[Subs. Act A1119:s.2]

*"West Malaysia" has the meaning assigned thereto in section 3 of the Interpretation Acts 1948 and 1967 [Act 388] and includes the Federal Territory.

* All references to "West Malaysia" shall be construed as references to "Peninsular Malaysia"-see Interpretation (Amendment) Act 1997 [Act 996], s.5(2).

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