Functions & Power


  1. To ensure that the provisions of the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act and laws are administered, enforced, given effect to, carried out and complied with;
  2. To act as agent of the Government and provide services in administering, collecting and enforcing payment of prescribed fees or any other charges under the laws administered;
  3. To regulate matters relating to corporations, companies and businesses in relation to laws administrated;
  4. To encourage and promote proper conduct amongst directors, secretaries, managers and other officers of a corporation, self-regulated corporations, companies, businesses, industry groups and professional bodies in the corporate sector in order to ensure that all corporate and business activities are conducted in accordance with established norms of good corporate governance;
  5. To enhance and promote the supply of corporate information under any of the laws administrated, and create and develop a facility whereby any corporate information received by the Companies Commission may be analysed and supplied to the public;
  6. To carry out research and commission studies on any matter relating to corporate and business activities;
  7. To advise the Minister generally on matters relating to corporate and business activities in relation to the laws administered; and
  8. To carry out all such activities and do all such things as are necessary or advantageous and proper for the administration of the Companies Commission or for such other purpose as may be directed by the Minister.



  1. To utilise all assets of the Companies Commission, both movable and immovable, in any way deemed fit and appropriate by the Companies Commission including to obtain loans by the charging of those assets;
  2. To impose fees or charges for services rendered by the Companies Commission as prescribed by the Minister through regulations established under section 40;
  3. To appoint agents, experts or consultants, as deemed necessary, to aid the Companies Commission in carrying out its functions;
  4. To provide loans to employees of the Companies Commission for purposes approved by the Minister;
  5. To plan and carry out human resource development as well as cooperative and financing programmes for proper and effective implementation of its functions;
  6. To collaborate or cooperate with any other societies/organisations, bodies or government agencies to form smart partnerships in implementing the functions of the Commission; and
  7. To do all such things as are aligned with any of its functions and powers.