eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is working on a project to develop a digitalized companies’ financial reporting based on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format for the purpose of compliance with the requirements contained under the Companies Act 1965 and the New Companies Bill. The operationalisation of the XBRL financial reporting format is expected to be implemented on voluntary basis in 2017 and eventually to be made mandatory at a date to be determined by the Registrar.


SSM Taxonomy

Under the proposed XBRL reporting format for companies in Malaysia, SSM has developed a 2-tier taxonomies namely:

  • The taxonomy for financial statements of public companies and its subsidiaries, associate of, or jointly controlled by, an entity which is required to prepare or lodge any financial statements under any law administered by the Securities Commission or the Bank Negara Malaysia using MFRS; and
  • The taxonomy for private companies using PERS in Malaysia. 

The taxonomy created comprised of items relating to financial and non financial reports as set out below:

Non Financial Reporting - as required under the Companies Act 1965 / New Companies Bill:
  • Directors’ Report;
  • Statement by Directors;
  • Directors’ Business Review (New Companies Bill);
  • Auditors Report to the Members / Auditor’s Statement; and
  • The return of solvent Exempt Private Companies.
Financial Reporting MFRS and PERS
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income/ Income Statement;
  • Statement of Financial Position /Balance Sheet;
  • Statement of Changes in Equity;
  • Cash Flow Statement; and
  • Notes to the financial statements.

SSM is pleased to release SSM’s taxonomy and it’s supporting documents as listed to provide guidance for preparers of accounts as well as software developers for smooth transition towards the overall adoption of XBRL format of reporting by the Malaysian corporate community.

If you have any queries please email to qxbrl@ssm.com.my.


SSM Taxonomy files and supporting materials

No. Description Materials
 1 This document is intended solely to guide the preparers of accounts for companies or filers on how to view the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) XBRL taxonomy to support the filing of financial statements in XBRL format to SSM. SSMT Basic XBRL Filing Manual
(May 2014)
 2 A view of financial and non financial elements as may be presented in set of financial statements. SSMT Tagging List Templates

This document represents a hierarchical view of the taxonomy based on CA, MFRS and PERS elements and its relationships in a non-technical manner. It is meant for information purpose and viewing the taxonomy in a simple manner.
(English Label)

SSMT Illustrated (version 1.0)
 4 SSMT sample of FS and the return for EPC for XBRL format
 5 This SSM Taxonomy (SSMT_20131231) Architecture Document will support software developers in the implementation of the SSMT within their applications as well as to generate supported XBRL reports. SSMT Architecture Document
 6 This contains the actual SSM Taxonomy files that software tools will use. List of taxonomies
(Please refer to the paragraph below)
 7 Sample of XBRL Instance


List of Taxonomies

Taxonomy version Release date XBRL Specification    Description Status
(version 1.0)
 23 May 2014  2.1

 Based on IFRS Taxonomy 2012
 (English Label)



External taxonomy viewers
The SSM Taxonomy 2014 can be viewed using the following XBRL products provided by external parties:

  • Arelle
  • Fujitsu Xwand

Please note: the SSM does not endorse any of these products, and this list is provided for information purposes only.


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