Guidelines for Registration of a Business

Guidelines for Application for an Auditor Licence

  • Candidates who wish to obtain an auditor licence will have to go through a series of interviews.
  • An auditor licence can only be issued by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia and applications can be made at the Accounting and Management Division.

Guidelines for Registration of an Audit Firm

  • The owner / partners of the firm must be approved auditors / holders of valid auditor licences and registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.
  • The name of the firm has to be approved by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).
  • Send a completed Form 5 together with approval letters from both MIA and the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.
  • The registration fee is RM500.00 and RM5.00 for one certified true copy of document.
  • If there is any change in details of an audit firm, the said firm is responsible for announcing those changes within one month of the change.

Application for a Company Secretary Licence

Anyone can apply for a company secretary licence if: 
  • The applicant is not a bankrupt;
  • The applicant is not a criminal as stated in section 130(1) of the Companies Act 1965;
  • The applicant resides in Malaysia; and
  • The applicant is of age (18 years and above).

Procedure for Application for a Company Secretary Licence

  1. Documents and Fees
    The following documents and fees need to be submitted to the office of the Companies Commission of Malaysia:
    • Form 48B – Application for a Company Secretary Licence;
    • Copy of identity card;
    • Copy of academic certificates;
    • Documents that can verify the relevant experience;
    • Reference letter;
    • A recent passport-sized photo; and
    • Application fees of RM50.00.

  2. Experience and Qualification
    • Minimum qualification
      • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or equivalent (Credit in Bahasa Malaysia or English).
    • Experience
      • The applicant has to have relevant work experience in company law or company secretarial practice.
    • Duration of work experience
      • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia/Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia, 5 years of work experience;
    • Holders of a Certificate, Diploma or Degree (in the fields of law, company secretarial practice, management, business administration or accounting) need 3 years, 2 years and 1 year of work experience respectively.

  3. Interview
    Each applicant has to attend an interview where he will be assessed on his knowledge in relation to company law or company secretarial practices.
  4. Licence
    Successful applicants need to pay RM150.00 for a licence and the licence, which is valid for 3 years, will be issued to the applicant.
  5. Renewal of Licence
    To renew a company secretary licence, one needs to submit the Application for Renewal of Licence Form (Form 48C) together with a payment of RM50.00 to the Companies Commission of Malaysia at least 30 days before its expiry. Once the renewal of licence has been approved, the applicant needs to pay RM150.00 for the licence before it is issued to the applicant.
General Reminder
  • The format for Form 48B for the application for licence and Form 48C for the renewal of licence can be obtained by referring to the Companies Regulations 1966.
  • Each form needs to be typed.