Implementation of Mandatory ‘SSM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points’

Licensed company secretaries are required to attend requisite courses/seminars pertaining to the secretarial profession i.e corporate affairs, company law, accounting, finance and other relevant programmes organized by COMTRAC or courses/seminar organized by prescribed bodies or other organizations with a minimum of 60 CPE points within three (3) years prior to the renewal of their license. This requirement has been included in the new license conditions effective from 04 January 2010.

The composition of 60 CPE points are made up as below :

  1. Minimum of 40% or 24 CPE points for attending courses organized by COMTRAC or COMTRAC jointly organized with external parties; and
  2. Maximum of 60% or 36 CPE points for attending courses organized by Prescribed bodies or  other organizations.

The Company Secretaries Training Programme (CSTP) Essential 1.0 (Part A, B and C) organized by COMTRAC is a mandatory course that is required to be attended once (1) for the first renewal after license is issued. Attending the CSTP Essential 1.0 will entitle participants to 24 CPE points (40%).