Legal Requirements

Under the Companies Act 1965 (CA 65), every company shall have one or more company secretaries having the following qualifications:

  • A member of a professional body or any other body which has been prescribed by the Hon. Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperative & Consumerism and gazetted under section 139A (a) CA 65; or
  • Licensed by the Registrar of Companies under section 139A (b) CA 65.

Under section 139A, any person who contravenes the above requirement acting as a secretary of a company shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five thousand ringgit.

Any individual interested to become a company secretary but not having qualification under section 139A(a) CA 65 can submit their application under section 139B CA 65 to be licensed under section 139A (b) CA 65 with the following requirements:

  • Application for company secretary license
  • License Application Procedures