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  4. SSM Subscriber Registration
  5. Download: e-Lodgement Brochure (.pdf)
  6. Download: Quick Reference for Company e-Lodgement (.pdf)
  7. Download: Panduan Pengunaan Perkhidmatan e-Lodgement Perniagaan(.pdf)
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For e-Lodgement (Business)
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) For e-Lodgement (Company)
  10. Letter to confirm the Validity of Business Registration Certificate and Company Incorporation Certificate issued via e-Lodgement



  1.  Application for Business Name Approval (ROB)
  2.  Online Registration of Business (ROB)
  3.  Application for Renewal of Business Registration (ROB)
  4.  Online Business Updates (ROB)
  5.  Notification of Termination of Registered Business (ROB)



  1. Request for Availability of Name (ROC)
  2. Application for Incorporation of Local Company (ROC)
  3. First Submission After Incorporation (ROC)
  4. Application for Change of Company Name (ROC)
  5. Application for Company Secretary's License (ROC)
  6. Application for Renewal of Company Secretary's License (ROC)
  7. Annual Return with Share Capital and Exempt Private Certificate (ROC)
  8. Annual Return with Share Capital and Accounts (ROC)
  9. Notice Of Situation Of Registered Office And Office Hours And Particulars Of Changes (ROC)
  10. Notice Of Place Where Register Of Members And Index Kept, Or Of Change In That Place (ROC)
  11. Return Giving Particulars In Register of Directors, Managers And Secretaries And Changes of Particulars (ROC)
  12. Return Of Allotment Of Shares (ROC)